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How to choose the best Baby Stroller – Buying Guide


Being a responsible parent is a full time job, with no shortcuts along the way. There are many important phases of a child’s life and as a parent; you need to be close to him, every step of the way. One of the earliest things that a child wants to do is remain by your side as much as possible, even during walks around town or park. This is where a professional stroller can lend a helping hand, keeping the child safe and comfortable. Reading this buying guide represents a firm step in discovering the ideal stroller, designed with durable materials and offering an uneventful ride, every time you need. How to find the best baby stroller? Objective information on what to look for in a stroller will help you find exactly which product to take. It is important to find a stroller that suits your lifestyle and can pave the way for delightful moments with the little one.

You need a stroller that can match your life’s daily desires and the child’s needs for fresh air. Now, we are going to point out some of the key features that need to be present on prospective strollers, so you won’t make a bad investment. Underlining them represents a clear insight on how your future product should act on various conditions. How to find the best baby stroller? Let’s find out!

Safety standards

There are a couple safety features that need to be present the stroller you want. The child’s safety is very important. You need to check the product for stability, if it remains upright even if you burden it with diaper bags. Furthermore the stroller should be equipped with a reliable stroller harness system, 5 point one, designed for babies and infants. If you are used to short walks to the mall or local grocery store, a 3 point harness system is more than enough.


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Stroller wheels and manoeuvrability

With a professional stroller you will be able to offer a comfortable ride to the child, irrespective of the terrain conditions. So, you have to check the stroller’s height and handles firmness. You should find a stroller that comes with smooth corners, especially when you have to deal with crowded rooms. Try to single out strollers with foam covered handles which maintain a stunning level of comfort during every ride.

Stroller convenience and utility

You need a professional stroller with a reliable basket underneath, where you should store different baby care items. Place diaper bags, milk bottles, blankets and toys in the basket and take them whenever you need to. Furthermore there are strollers that come with organization trays, snack or drink holders, rain hoods and toy bars for added security.

Design and functionality

There are strollers with different designs and formats, which suit your daily needs. It is important for you to use a stroller that can accommodate your physical needs. There are strollers that have under 20 pounds weight capacity. Such strollers are ideal when you travel from one place to another.

Use this professional buying guide to your advantage and discover the best product, suited to your daily needs. It is important to have by your side at any given moment a reliable stroller, capable of delivering a comfortable and secure ride, every time you want. Time to take your son or daughter out for a stroll.


Top rated baby strollers in 2014 – Professional Choice


BOB Revolution Black baby stroller


Best baby strollers reviewsIf you and your baby are inseparable and you would even take him/her to the nearest department store then you require one of the best baby strollers in 2014. We consider the best option available to be the BOB Revolution baby stroller. The easy to fold-and-store stroller is extremely convenient and can hold up to 70 pounds. Also, the stroller features revolving front wheels for greater maneuverability. Having shock absorbers and multiple adjustment settings, allows your baby to have a smooth ride while he is in a comfortable sitting or sleeping position; making it loved by both babies and parents likewise. Moreover a five year warranty on the frame along with a one-year warranty on its parts and fabric, makes this stroller a very popular choice for parents this year.

“My baby simply adores this stroller and he is extremely happy every time I take him outside in it. It is very maneuverable, so I easily make my way through crowded streets. I also bought it because it had shock absorbers, so when I go over obstacles my little boy doesn’t feel uncomfortable.” – Jane Stevens

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Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Stroller


1If you are an active mother and are searching for a reliable baby stroller, then a top choice would be Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect. This seat is comfortable for your toddler, very maneuverable and easy to push along for the parent. The front wheels easily swivels, so you are able to avoid obstacles or navigate quickly in crowded areas. It’s sturdy too, because it can hold as much as 50 pounds. The rubber wheels are air filled and will ensure a smooth ride on rough terrain. The Click Connect system will allow you to quickly install an infant car seat on the stroller.

“After using this stroller extensively, going through the city or jogging through the park, I have come to believe this model is definitely one of the best baby strollers 2014 Other parents should seriously consider getting this solid stroller from Graco.”  Heidi J. Lewis

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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller


2A great stroller for a busy city life is Baby Jogger City Mini GT, with its excellent maneuverability and its light weight. Your baby will feel very comfortable in it because the interior is plush padded and the seat can recline to multiple positions. The front wheel can swivel and is fitted with a suspension system, to guarantee the smoothest ride possible for your infant. The canopy will protect the child from the sun or rain and even has a peek a boo window. The handlebar can be adjusted to multiple positions to suit the parent perfectly.

“I bought this stroller because I wanted maneuverability for when I go shopping in the mall or the local store and I take my infant with me. I am very satisfied by how well it performs in tight spaces and I recommend it for its comfort level as well. The best baby strollers reviews were my main source of information before I purchased it.” – J. Turner

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Graco Trekko Classic Connect Stroller


3Choosing a stroller is not such an easy task, but a very reliable option can prove to be Graco Trekko comfortable for the child and for the parent to push along. Its seat is padded and can recline to four different positions for the best comfort level. It has a 5 point harness system, but as the infant grows, it can change itself to a 3 point one. The canopy has peek a boo windows and can rotate 180 degrees. The frame is light, but durable and its front wheel can swivel for a high level of maneuverability. Many parents across the US consider it one of the best baby strollers 2014.

“This stroller is very maneuverable and I bought it because it was safe too, with the 5 point harness system. My infant doesn’t cry while I take him out for a stroll through the park. The stroller design’s makes me easily control it.” – Andrea R.

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Stokke Xplory Stroller, Dark Navy


What parent doesn’t want to take his child out of a stroll in the park or around the block? This is why the current interest for advanced strollers comes as no surprise. According to some of the latest top rated baby strollers reviews it seems you should invest more than your attention in Stokke Xplory Stroller, a model which combines stability with comfort. It includes a height adjustable seat which helps you lift the child closer to you. The stroller can accommodate children from birth to 45 pounds, 2 way facing positions. Furthermore the stroller is made in Europe, and has a lightweight aluminum.

There are thousands of parents trying to find the next big thing in strolling. Well, I managed to discover and use Stokke Xplory, a model that never let me down. My wife loves to use it and from time to time, even my sister borrows it for two little children.” – Timothy Limmons

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The first years Ignite baby stroller


Top rated baby strollers in 2014Tearing up while choosing the first stroller for your bundle of joy? Or looking for a quality stroller because the last one ended up to be a disappointment? Take a look at this model nominated as one of the top rated baby strollers in 2014. Available in multiple sweet colors and with an extra storage basket plus parent console, the stroller is able to carry around 50 pounds. Other reasons for it being in the list include its 5-point safety harness, adjustable reclining positions, and sturdy frame. Its long handles also make the stroller easy to maneuver by taller handles, making it an instant hit amongst taller parents. So to sum up, nothing beats this wonderful baby stroller!

“I bought this stroller because it pays much attention to safety and also it is very comfortable for my child. The 5 point harness system keeps me assured that my little one has no chance of getting out of the stroller, so he can’t hurt himself.” – Mary Simons

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Graco Metropolis baby stroller


If your preschooler still fancies to ride a stroller, no worries, as there is solution to every problem. We recommend this stroller, Graco Metropolis, which fulfills all the requirements of a top model. Just put your infant on the front seat, while your older toddler can easily hop on the rear platform or sit on the comfortable padded rear seat. This stroller has also been able to claim a place within the best baby strollers in 2014; thanks to its easy one-handed folding convenience, adjustable reclining position, and hassle-free storing features. But the reasons behind it becoming one of the most excellent strollers, also include the swiveling front wheels and its suspension. Furthermore its storage basket, parent console, limited one year warranty also make it rightly recommended for every parent with infants and toddlers.

“Graco Metropolis stroller for me has everything I could possibly want from such a device. The storage basket is very large and I can carry all my baby essentials in it, plus some things which I need to take for myself. The suspension was also another feature I looked for when I bought this stroller.” – Brenda Livingston

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Joovy Scooter Orangie baby stroller


Amazingly spacious, here comes a stroller that can snugly fit your adorable twins or your infant and its older sibling of 1 – 3 years, depending on its carrying capacity of 90 pounds in total. This easy to maneuver stroller has adjustable reclining positions and independent footrests. Also nominated to be on the lists of the best Graco baby strollers reviews; this stroller is available in three beautiful colors. Elegantly designed with a 5-point harness, two cup holders, zippered storage pockets, and an adjustable canopy also make the stroller entitled to its fame that much more. Just get this stroller for your little ones and you will never regret your decision.

“I have been blessed with twins, so everything I buy must be double. Checking out different models of strollers I was looking for durability, sturdiness, safety and maneuverability and I found the complete package in  Joovy Scooter Orangie stroller.” – Melissa White

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Britax Red Agile baby stroller


A real red beauty, this selected stroller is suitable for toddlers from day 1 to till they get 55 pounds. Made from durable aluminum frame, the stroller is quite lightweight weighing around 16.5 pounds. Hence its easy portability and swift folding capacity, makes the stroller an easy candidate to be a superb choice. Also another feature that has helped it to become a great purchase, is its compatibility with any car seats from Britax or other major baby car seat brands. On top of that you are also getting features like a huge storage basket, along with the 3-wheel design, plus the rear wheel lock systems; all in the same stroller. What better deal can you get?

“My twins look so cute when they are in this stroller and they are very happy as well when mommy is taking them out for a stroll through the park. It folds very easily and I can carry it around from place to palce without too much effort. The storage basket is another advantage for this model.” – Laura Morrison

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